Used Oil Service

With our Used Oil Service, we can set you up on regular-scheduled service pickups, eliminating the need for you to have to call us for service.

Used Oil Filter Service

We collect and recycle Used Oil Filters.

Vacuum Truck Service

The service includes all labor, transportation, documentation and waste disposal.

Machine Coolant / Oily Water Service

Upon arrival the waste stream is checked and tested to ensure it matches the customers waste profile.

Used Antifreeze Service

The used antifreeze is picked up and bulked at our Alvarado, Texas Facility.

Waste Absorbent Disposal Service

We collect and dispose of Non-Hazardous Waste Absorbents.

Empty Drum Service

All empty drums are recycled or destroyed by shredding into recycled steel.

Parts Cleaner Service

We offer a Parts Cleaner Service that will fit your needs.